Dan Gertler reviews: Old School

When Mitch (Luke Wilson), a 34 year old lawyer, left a boring meeting early and came home to surprise his girlfriend (Juliette Lewis), he did not expect to find her watching porn in the bedroom, nor the other two people who were with her. Mitch takes the news as any normal guy would: he gets drunk at Frank’s (will Ferrell) wedding and realizes it’s time for a change. With the advice of Beanie (Vince Vaughn) Mitch buys a house near a local university, where the three friends go back in time to their college years, partying all night and running the funniest, craziest frat house that was ever depicted in film.

Vince Vaughn
No doubt that Vince Vaughn steals the show in this one as he walks around with a baby strapped to his belly, all the while talking about the kinkiest things you can think of. He is the master mind behind this odd fraternity, funding the party life style and even coming up with a plan on how to beat the university dean (Jeremy Piven), who set out to destroy the group. But let us not forget the all-in performance of Frank the Tank, who realizes he is not fit for the marriage life and instead enjoys to run in the nude and drink all he can.

Sure, you can classify this 2003 film as just another college movie where the men are boys and the jokes are vulgar. But from the wrestling matches in KY jelly to the 86 year old frat member (“you’re my boy, Blue!”), this hilarious comedy speaks to everyone who forgot how it is to be young, stupid, and just have fun.

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  1. Mona says:

    funny movie, to be sure, but wish it took just a slightly higher road in some of the jokes.


  2. jon smith says:

    Thank you for your review! I have watched it yesterday. Your blog has helped to choose and i have spend great time. One of not popular films, but of course worth to to be seen. Best wishes!


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