Dan Gertler Reviews: Man on Fire

I wouldn’t call this film the best action movie I’ve ever seen, because categorizing it simply as an ‘action movie’ is really not doing it any justice. This complex, captivating, thought-provoking film deserves so much more appreciation than what was given to it by the critics, proving once again that relying on the public’s (alleged) general opinion might make you miss one of the best films you’ll ever see.

Denzel Washington brilliantly plays Creasy, an alcoholic with a regretful past, who is hired to protect the talented Dakota Fanning, a young Mexican girl called Pita. The two develop a relationship that somehow pulls Creasy out of the depth of his despair and back to the living world only to tear his heart to pieces when Pita is kidnapped. Creasy launches a bloody revenge, one which has never been more justified in the history of action movies.

Denzel Washington


The violent second half of the film does more than quench the viewers thirst for blood; it expresses the anger and frustration that we all feel when we watch together with Creasy how Pita is taken away. The two halves of the film stand in sharp contrast to each other, yet are so complementing that they seem to be truly the work of an artist. As Christopher Walken (in the role of Rayburn) says so powerfully: “Creasy’s art is death. He’s about to paint his masterpiece”.

It’s true that some aspects of the film are completely unreliable. Creasy is accused of killing a cop, yet he walks the streets freely. He is seemingly homeless, yet he has several changes of clothes and a steady flow of weaponry, including a missile launcher at some point.

But this is the brilliancy of the film: It’s not meant to be realistic. It’s meant to express the intensity of emotions that we as viewers so eagerly wish to unburden. Creasy’s anger is so wild that no realistic scenario can ever capture it. The exaggeration of the bloody second half of the film compared to the subtlety of the first is not a vice, it’s a stroke of genius.

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  1. Mona says:

    Very insightful review. I enjoyed this movie very much – and I agree with your take on it.


  2. Awesome Movie, I really love this, great story!! Thanks for posting this!


  3. Zoe Barns says:

    Definately one of my favorite films of all time. I stumbled upon this masterpiece while in serious need of having my faith in the magic of Hollywood replenished. After being dissapointed by many of Hollywood’s latest titles sporting unrealistic situations and unbelievable special effects I was more than satisfied with this marvelous jewel of a film. I could tell you that the film is intended for mature audiences but that’s what ratings are for. I could tell you that this film is graphically violent but it is an essential ingredient of the gripping storyline and marvelous story-telling.


  4. lampar says:

    Agree with your review. It is one of a few movies i must see this year.


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